Jonathan Leslie's 1961 Deluxe Sedan

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Welcome to our New Members!

Gary and Linda Crawford are from Topeka, Kansas and they have a sweet little 1963 Falcon. They are members of the National Club and will be at the National Meet in Indianapolis, so be sure to welcome them there! They will also be at the pool party. A warm welcome to our Chapter, Linda and Gary!
Rod and Pam Crawford live in Leawood, KS. Rod has just finished restoring this very nice 1964 convertible, which he is trailering to Indiana. He just wants to make sure everything is good to go on this first outing. This turns out to be a blessing for the Editor, as Rod has graciously agreed to haul back the engine and transmission for her 1962 Falcon which George Houck is bringing to the show from South Carolina! Welcome Rod and Thanks!