Falcons in the summer sun.

Guests arriving!

Food is always an excuse to gather.

Eating is serious business.

Everyone is having...

...a good time!



A mini-show.

Mark's Ranchero on display.

Mid America Falcons


"Hawaiian" Summer Falcon Meeting at
the Guthrie's Home

On a lovely summer day, we met at the Guthrie's home in Missouri for a cookout before the meeting. Everyone was encouraged to wear Hawaiian type clothing! One of the highlights was Jim's garage which has in it a reproduction of a 1960s service station office. It was well equipped!

Eating in style!

Fun and Fellowship

The line-up.

How did this sneak in here? Rick! 

 Everyone is getting comfy.

Ready to start the meeting.




Phil, our fearless leader.

Let's go home.

Packing up.

That's not a Falcon!



Th-th-that's all folks!

Heading home.

See you next month!.

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